SCS Standards Releases Updated SCS-103 Certification Standard for Recycled Content

SCS Standards Releases Updated SCS-103 Certification Standard for Recycled Content

SCS Global Services now offering certification under Version 8.0 of the Standard

SCS Standards, a non-profit standard development organization, is pleased to announce the publication of the latest version of SCS-103, Certification Standard for Recycled Content. First introduced in 1989 in response to the burgeoning interest in recycled content claims and the introduction of innovative new recycling technologies, SCS Global Services’ recycled content certification remains one of the most widely adopted and recognized certifications for recycled content claims in the world today, applied in a wide range of industries.  

SCS-103 applies to products or materials containing mechanically or chemically recycled content, including pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content of any type (e.g., plastic, metal alloy, fiber, etc.).  

Changes reflected in the latest update, Version 8.0, include:  

  • The option to operate a mass balance chain-of-custody system 
  • A minimum threshold of 5% recycled content for a product to be eligible for certification  
  • Inclusion of chemically recycled content 
  • Recognition of external certification programs such as RSB Advanced Products, ISCC and the Textile Exchange Recycled Claim Standard 

“SCS Standards is pleased to release this updated comprehensive version of one of its most well-known and highly utilized standards to support the growing circular economy” said Victoria Norman, Executive Director of SCS Standards.  

SCS Global Services, a global leader in the field of third-party certification, working across the economy in the natural resources, built environment, food safety and agriculture, consumer products and climate sectors, has certified thousands of products for recycled content. SCS will begin auditing against Version 8.0 of the Standard effective immediately.   

“This updated version of the SCS Recycled Content standard really moves the certification forward, embracing the newest technologies and methodologies and aligning with current market needs,” said Nicole Munoz, Vice President, Environmental Certification Services at SCS Global Services. “The expanded certification offers manufacturers and brands the opportunity to position their products reliably and transparently.” 

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