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SCS Global Services Mourns the Loss of Founder and CEO Dr. Stanley P. Rhodes

Stan Rhodes

SCS Global Services (SCS) announced that its founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Stanley Rhodes, passed away late last week. Jim Knutzon, long-time chair of the SCS Board of Directors, and former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company, was immediately appointed by the SCS Board of Directors to serve as President and CEO.

Dr. Rhodes was an accomplished chemist and sustainability champion who dedicated his career to protecting the environment and improving the lives of people around the globe. He is best known as a leader and innovator in the field of standards development and third-party certification for environmental and sustainability claims related to products, processes and services across the economy. 

“Stan was one of the most creative thinkers I’ve ever known,” said Mr. Knutzon. “He constantly challenged all of us – staff, colleagues, clients, and the industries he served – to identify new ways to lighten our environmental footprint while helping workers and communities - all as a smarter way of doing business. He was dedicated to applying the best science and monitoring tools to motivate continuous improvement along these lines.” 

Dr. Rhodes worked tirelessly over his career to support environmental and social responsibility in both the private and public spheres, based on a scientific, no-nonsense approach. He pioneered important technical advancements, including the use of mass spectrometry in the detection of pesticide residues, and improved methodologies for life cycle impact assessment, environmental disclosure, ecolabeling, certification, and climate accounting. 

His greatest legacy is SCS, founded in 1984. Over the past four decades, Dr. Rhodes built SCS into one of the world’s most prestigious third-party certification and standards development bodies, operating more than 120 programs worldwide. Through these efforts, Dr. Rhodes helped industry after industry to demonstrate the enduring value of sustainability leadership and the triple bottom line. 

“Stan remained true to his mission and principles throughout his career, and never shied away from taking difficult stances if it was the right thing to do,” said Linda Brown, SCS co-founder, Senior Vice President and Board member. “He was a mentor to so many people, with a passion that was contagious. Stan will be dearly missed, but we are honored to be able to execute his vision to make people’s lives better and protect the earth.”

With the full support of the Board, Mr. Knutzon will lead the company on its current path of growth and success. The company’s seasoned management team and program administrators are well-positioned to collaborate with partners to serve clients to continue addressing the pressing issues of our day.

More information about Dr. Rhodes will be published soon on SCS’ website. 

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