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Comply with EU RED and FQD requirements for sustainable biofuels, biomass and bioenergy production

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Demonstrate your compliance with the European Renewable Energy Directive requirements for sustainable biofuels, biomass, and bioenergy production with the ISCC EU scheme. ISCC EU certification provides proof of compliance with environmental, social and traceability criteria, and qualifies biofuel or biomass companies for legal recognition under the targets set by European regulations for transportation fuels.

Any type of biomass-based fuel is eligible for ISCC certification. ISCC recognizes all EU RED-approved biomass certifications, which provides increased flexibility for biofuel blenders and traders. High risk materials such as wastes certified by other schemes may be accepted by ISCC following an equivalency benchmark conducted by ISCC.

ISCC documents the production of biofuels with a mass balance system along the complete supply chain – starting at the farm or plantation, towards the mineral oil companies, power plant-operators and other users. To earn certification, a biofuel must: have the required reduced carbon footprint, meet minimum social, environmental and traceability criteria, avoid harvesting from highly biodiverse or carbon-rich areas and adhere to international fair labor practices.

Certification guarantees traceability along the whole supply chain and proves the supply chain complies with legal requirements for biofuels/bioliquids in the EU (and other important energy markets) and qualifies for financial incentives by meeting EU sustainability criteria for biofuels targets.

ISCC EU provides access to growing markets for non-fossil-based materials and energy sources. In addition, it provides third-party verification of a company’s commitment to limiting environmental impacts.

Why Choose SCS?

As a highly experienced global ISCC certification body, SCS utilizes both in-house industry experts who are on ISCC technical committees and regional auditors who know the local language, culture and regional norms. We have certified all elements of the value chain to the ISCC standard, from the largest raw material suppliers, highest volume producers, and most recognizable brand owners.

Additionally, we have certified many North American companies in the value chain for ISCC EU and are making early strides to lead in CORSIA certification for aviation fuels. With internal experts in LCFS validation and verification, SCS offers a turnkey solution for low carbon fuel assessments (ISCC EU, CORSIA, RSB, LCFS). Clients benefit from our experience across the sustainable fuels industry. We can help clients get dually certified cost effectively because auditors are cross trained.

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Biofuels and biomass producers and those within their supply chain can benefit from ISCC EU certification in the following ways:

  • Acceptance within EU markets based on certified compliance with EU RED and FQD sustainability requirements.
  • Expanded access to growing international markets for non-fossil-based materials and energy sources.
  • Brand visibility throughout the global biofuels industry as being a leader in sustainability.
  • Verification and validation of your company’s commitment to limiting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts, including labor and land use impacts. 
  • Access to financial incentives tied to meeting EU sustainability criteria for biofuels targets which can translate into revenue generation opportunities.

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